Apple Pie Recipe Topped With Meringue

Apple Pie Recipe

California is known for having fresh fruit. With pie season right around the corner, here is an easy to make, tasty apple pie treat that may surprise you with the added secret topping. From the book, “Fingers to Finger Bowls, a sprightly history of California cooking” written by Helen Walker Linsenmeyer, here is a greate apple pie recipe with a little unique twist of adding meringue on top.


– 8 large ripe, juicy tart apples
– 3 eggs
– Sugar
– Vanilla
– Lemons
– 1 9-inch crust


1. Stew apples. Mash apples until they are smooth and add lemon juice or grated peel for flavor.

2. Pour flavored apples into the crust and bake until it is just about done.

3. Next beat egg whites to a froth and add 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar and flavor with vanilla. ( ratio: 3 eggs to 1 pie)

4. Spread a thick meringue over the pie and set it back into the oven until meringue is lightly brown. Let cool and enjoy!

If you have tried this Apple Pie with meringue let us know in the comments below!

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