The FDR Dirty Martini

The most Presidential & Patriotic American Cocktail: The FDR Dirty Martini

The FDR Dirty Martini Alfi knives and Dirty Sue


One of the most vibrant & jaunty personalities to ever occupy the White House, with an unmatched passion for making cocktails, FDR saw prohibition repealed in 1933 and his daily cocktail hour was a sacred White House “institution,” usually featuring two Martinis right before dinner. He traveled with his own Martini kit throughout WWII, from secret Naval warship rendezvous to the 1943 Tehran conference, where he added olive brine to the standard recipe to serve “Dirty” Martinis to Churchill & Stalin, popularizing it forever while destroying the axis & saving the free world. Without question, the FDR Dirty Martini is the most patriotic American cocktail.


3 ounces of your favorite gin (FDR liked Plymouth Gin. Also try: Aviation Gin, made in USA)

1/2 ounce Dirty Sue Olive Juice (the tastiest olive juice money can buy)

1-2 Olives (FDR liked to play it fast & loose with his proportions of gin & juice, so no need to be exact)

One Lemon (Peel your own elegant garnish with the All-American Bar Knife)


Shake liquids extra vigorously over ice (mimicking FDR’s powerful compensatory arm strength) and strain into a chilled martini glass. Drop in an olive or two. Garnish with lemon peel.